Dean Koontz’s Strange Highways

Well, this was interesting. Mr. Koontz decided to share some of his short stories with us.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Strange Highways: the title story, this one was a story devoted to the idea of fulfilling destiny. Twenty-some years after the fact, Joey is sent back to the night his life fell apart to correct the past mistakes. I liked it.

The Black Pumpkin: a Hallowe’en story where a boy buys a pumpkin that his younger brother hates, and the family pays a steep price for it. Didn’t like this one much.

Miss Attila the Hunn: an alien invasion against the love and hope in humanity symbolized by a teacher. Decent read.

Down in the Darkness: a couple buys a house, complete with a door to hell. Real creepy.

Ollie’s Hands: a gifted man aids a woman. Sad story.

Snatcher: The wrong day and wrong purse for a hapless purse-snatcher. It was interesting.

Trapped: Banodyne, from ‘Watchers,’ should have learned something from Project Blackberry in my opinion. Mutated rats and a somewhat helpless family. I liked it.

Bruno: inter-dimensional travel, and a fugitive hunt. A fun one.

We Three: super-powered kids. I hated this on. Wicked little things, they were.

Hardshell: a cop and robber story with a twist. I liked it.

Kittens: a child’s reaction to God taking her kittens. Creepy.

The Night of the Storm: The myths and fears of the next civilization. A good one.

Twilight of the Dawn: An atheist’s journey to acceptance of something bigger than himself. I liked it.

And finally, Chase: a war vet saves a girl from a serial killer, only to become the killer’s next target. This was a good end to the book.

It was a great book. The good stories more than made up for the two duds.


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