Greg Gutfeld’s The Joy of Hate

We are treated to social commentary, by a very interesting man. Mr. Gutfeld hosts a couple of shows on the Fox News Network though I’ve never really watched them.

Here he challenges the ideas that seem to be easy targets for the liberal groups. Things such as tolerance, climate change, and the right to pick on smokers or fat people. Very little is given a free pass.

This is a book good for showing what a New York Libertarian thinks like, as well as asking certain reporters to have equal weights for certain situations. Simple things such as if you wouldn’t say it about a member of your party, don’t say it about a member of the other party.

I must admit to wanting to be there when Mr. Gutfeld lit a cigarette just to get a drink order taken. That would’ve been fun.

I enjoy commentaries because they show a point-of-view that I haven’t considered before. Besides, commentaries shouldn’t be for confirmation, but to make you think. The only type of commentary I refuse to buy are the books that declare there is no God, though I’ve read them. That’s one subject that I’ve made my mind up on, already.


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