Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child’s White Fire – Pendergast 13

Welcome to Roaring Fork a ski town, in Colorado, catering to the upper-end of the wealthy. Too bad that the major development company had to dig up the old cemetery, not that Corrie Swanson minds. Of course, she probably didn’t plan on getting arrested. Nobody expected to find an arsonist in town. Lucky for the town and Corrie, it’s Pendergast to the rescue.

This book made Pendergast seem more human to me. His relationship with Corrie seems even more paternal so much so, that when they seem to have a conflict of interest, he scolds her with the hope of encouraging her to think from multiple viewpoints.

Corrie, on the other hand, still seems to be hearing her mother’s recriminations made most of her victories bittersweet. Personally, I would’ve accepted the help Pendergast offered.

My favorite scene, if I must pick just one, was when Pendergast was trying to examine the last home that Arthur Conan Doyle wrote from. He tried to sweet-talk, and then blackmail an older woman who worked for the historical society. When he fails, he spends a few moments impressed with her fortitude. Then he trashes his blackmail material.

This book makes the whole Pendergast series even better. We got a glimpse past Pendergast’s mask, and a good story to boot. The ending of the story, the late Christmas scene, was a gem.


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