Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child’s Cold Vengeance – Pendergast 11 (Helen Trilogy 2)

After the events of “Fever Dream,” Pendergast is off on a hunting trip in Scotland with his brother-in-law, seemingly unaware that Judson is the one who has executed many of those who were behind Helen’s assassination, and was behind D’Agosta’s near-death experience.

Favorite quote here had to be when Judson figures that Pendergast is as good as dead and declares “Helen is still alive.” Stupidly, he leaves Pendergast alone, and brings back rescue workers, in order to recover the body. Very stupid idea. Needless to say, Pendergast turns the hunter into the hunted.

D’Agosta shows up in Scotland searching for his friend. Corrie Swanson writes a moving eulogy for Pendergast. And of course Judson panics over Pendergast’s return.

This book was slightly difficult to read. The story was rather slow for a Pendergast novel, but it was still enjoyable.


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