Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child’s Still Life With Crows – Pendergast 4

We join up with Pendergast as he investigates a series of murders in Medicine Creek, Kansas.

The case was quite interesting, and the relationship between Pendergast and his assistant–Corrie Swanson–was the strongest point in the book, in my opinion. He treated the girl in almost a paternal fashion. My only problem with this novel was the climax of the story. While well written, and fully foreshadowed, it was unusually gory and disturbing. The torment endured at the last 50-100 pages was almost unbearable.

Overall the book was quite enjoyable. Corrie finds out that her main antagonist in the form of the sheriff wasn’t as bad as she thought, and we even find out a bit more on Pendergast’s background. Don’t think I’ll include it for a re-read though.


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