Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child’s Day of the Dead – Pendergast 7 (Diogenes Trilogy 3)

Poor Pendergast, locked up in maximum security, while Diogenes is free to keep plotting against all those Pendergast cares for. Doesn’t seem to be a fair fight, for Diogenes that is.

While, Pendergast is in prison, Nora Kelly is curating the new opening of the Tomb of Senef. Unbeknownst to any involved, Diogenes is behind the whole thing. D’Agosta and Hayward are still on opposite sides of the Pendergast issue, with D’Agosta being a vital piece of Pendergast’s escape attempt.

Constance seems to be the main character in the novel. Her relationship with Aloysius and Diogenes is some of the most heart wrenching points in the book.

My favorite part of this book was when Bill Smithback finds out that Nora is among those trapped in Diogenes’ plan, and Pendergast has a plan of action to save those victims. It redeems almost all of his past story-reporting schemes.


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