Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child’s Cemetery Dance – Pendergast 9

Poor Nora. One year of marriage, and it ends in disaster. On their first anniversary, Nora leaves to pick up their cake, leaving Bill Smithback home alone to deal with their neighbor. Their dead neighbor. D’Agosta and Pendergast join forces again to solve Smithback’s murder.

I found the story pretty impressive. Though I do wish Smithback wasn’t killed off, his death wasn’t much of a surprise. He was a bit of a weasel when it came to getting his stories. Nora’s despair was palpable, but it didn’t slow her mind much. Pendergast and D’Agosta both seemed to be taking Smithback’s death personally.

My favorite part of this book was watching the idiocy of the PETA-inspired Humans For Other Animals march.

The final showdown was rather brutal, and rough for me to finish.

I do have to admit, that I was wondering if Bill was really dead at certain points in the novel. It was a good one.


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