Dean Koontz’s Twilight Eyes

So I pretty much stay on a Koontz kick. I just don’t find many authors who employ endings that are both happy and satisfying. This one, however, is the first novel of his, that I’ve read, that uses first person point-of-view.

In this book, we meet Slim Mackenzie, a young man who has lost most of his family, and his old life due to the ‘goblins,’ creatures who thirst for human suffering while wearing the mask of humanity. Slim gets a job at a carnival by day, and hunts his adversaries at night. It helps that he has ‘twilight eyes,’ eyes that let him see past the goblins’ disguises.

The only problem I could see with the book is that because it is from Slim’s point-of-view it left room for a lot of introspective ramblings. Though it wasn’t all bad. The introspection showed how Slim’s vendetta against the goblins wears on his mind, and his spirit.


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