Dean Koontz’s Mr. Murder

What would you do if you found out that there was another you, one that seemed superhumanly strong and nigh invulnerable? Martin Stillwater, author extraordinaire, finds himself in this same position. If that’s not bad enough, his doppelganger is positive that Martin has stolen his family. The Stillwater family is sent on a race, not only for their lives, but for the collective soul of the family.

This book had me guessing which Marty was the real Marty, even after we met Alfie’s handlers. For the most part, Marty seemed to be second-guessing about his own strength of mind, but when it came down to it, he was plenty strong enough. Alfie seemed very immature, so immature that he believed that all things in the movies were true.

My favorite character had to be Clocker. Clocker was just a quiet man, the driver, a Star Trek fan. It was worth dealing with Oslett just to read his parts. It was an excellent book.


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