Dean Koontz’s The Face of Fear

Mr. Koontz deserved to have a hit with this book, as it is one of his first psychological thrillers.

New York City is being stalked by the serial killer The Butcher. In desperation, the police enlist the aide of Graham Harris, a man that has gained clairvoyant abilities after an accident. In the course of his investigation, he finds that the next victim is as close as looking in the mirror.

This book sets the tone for the rest of Koontz’s novels. Harris is torn between fear resulting from his accident, revulsion of his abilities, and the sense and urge to use his abilities for good. The Butcher’s scenes aren’t overtly descriptive, but you do get a sense of his twisted thinking. The sex scenes were too much for my tastes, thankfully there weren’t many of them. The only problem some might have with the novel, is that Mr. Koontz limited the technology the police used to the ‘70’s, but that will just bother the modern reader.


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