Dean Koontz’s Breathless

Oh this was a magical story. And it’s no surprise that several in the scientific and similar circles were offended by it.

We meet Grady and Merlin as they are out for their routine walk in the woods. While there, they run across some amazing never-seen-before creatures.

The story is more of Puzzle’s and Riddle’s. Though we are led to see what effects the discoveries have on those who run across similar creatures, it’s just really lets you get to know the species from this pair. We get to see how some in the government would like to handle the situation, as well as the scientific community’s reaction.

Koontz did so the hard core evolutionists as either psychopaths, or as paranoid as the evolutionists have claimed Christianity was during the Dark Ages. Those who weren’t certain of how evolution worked, or if it was the only way life could exist, were given a more helpful attitude.

I liked the book more so for it’s blatant defensive position of God, and the honorable actions of the main characters. This is what really made the book for me.


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