Anthology–Home Improvement: The Undead Edition

Well, I enjoy short story collections. They are a good way to browse new authors. This one wasn’t very good for my tastes.

This book contained fourteen stories. Five of them I enjoyed, one was okay, and the remaining eight stories were either too gritty or just stories that disagreed with my belief system.

‘Wizard Home Security’ was a somewhat comedic view of wizards in a scheme of rob you, then sell you a security system.

‘Blood on the Wall’ was about a vampiric private detective worried about odd cult-like killings.

‘Through This House’ is about a young changeling who is deeded an abandoned howe.

‘Full-Scale Destruction’ is about an unusual sidhe woman who is hired by a woman to pick up some pixies that had gotten into her house supposedly.

‘It’s All in the Rendering’ is one of the best stories, one about an unusual married couple running a boardinghouse bridging the natural and the otherworldly worlds.

Now ‘Gray’ is alright once you get past all of the flashbacks in the beginning of the story. It’s about a vampiress who just wants to go home.

If your tastes are anything like mine, then you may want to skip this book.


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