Jim Butcher’s Turn Coat – The Dresden Files 11

“Turn Coat” brings us to a serious problem in the White Council. A senior council member was murdered, and the presumed killer is none other than greatest Warden of the current batch–Donald Morgan. Want to take a wild guess as to who he has to go to in order to clear his name?

This book had one glaring problem for me. The White Council was willing to execute an innocent man, just to save face with some of the wizarding world. It seems to be hypocritical to tell all wizards not to kill with magic, and then plot to kill someone with a sword based on circumstantial evidence alone. The Council didn’t appear to be interested in the truth.

Outside of the fact of the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ aspect of the book (which seems to be quite popular with this series) it was an enjoyable read.


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