Dean Koontz’s What the Night Knows

This was my first time reading something by Dean Koontz. I must say, it was an enjoyable read.
It started out with a detective interviewing a suspect in a brutal family murder. In the first two chapters, we are introduced to Detective Calvino, his beliefs, and his fears of the similarities to another case twenty years earlier.

Calvino is a likeable character, burdened by his past encounter with a serial killer. As such, his fears set the tone of this horror novel. Sure, there are plenty of bumps-in-the-dark moments, but the true tone of fear comes from Calvino’s fears of a copy-cat killer starting a killing spree.

Koontz combines his terrifying scenes with scenes that emphasizes child-like innocence, or light-hearted humor. His death scenes, overly gory. The novel is not the typical serial killer chase, nor is it a teenage slasher novel. It’s a good story, perfect for people who like a little suspense, but prefer not to be terrified out of their wits. In fact, the parts that seem to be added just for shock value, had great significance to the killer.

I enjoyed the book, and believe that it is worth reading.


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