James Herbert’s The Magic Cottage

Mike and his girlfriend have just bought a nice little cottage. The wildlife seems quite charming. The repairs needed to the property obviously wasn’t as bad as they feared. It even seems to invigorate their creative urges. And their direct neighbors seem like such a friendly little sect.

I hope you don’t mind a slow moving book, because Mr. Herbert didn’t get the story speeding along until around the last fifth of the novel. That may not be what today’s instant generation wants, but it fits with the story told. Midge’s naiveté, or maybe girlish delight, made it so that she didn’t want to hear anything that made Gramarye seem less than perfect. Which I don’t understand. How can hearing something extraordinary is going on make the cottage less than perfect.

My favorite scenes belonged to Rumbo. That was one cute squirrel.

I rather enjoyed visiting Gramarye. It would’ve been better if Mike and Midge had been married, but it was still a good story.


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